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Kuttiyadi Basin Hydro Electric Projects

Kuttiady Hydro Electric Project (KHEP) is the third largest hydro electric project in Kerala. This consists of Four Power houses. The total installed capacity of the entire project is 228 MW.
1.   Kuttiady old powerhouse ( 3 x25 MW)
2. Kyttiady Extension Scheme ( 1 x50 MW)
3.  Kuttiady Additional Extension scheme (2 x 50 MW)
4.Kuttiady Small Hydro Electric Project (2 x 1.5 MW) - UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Therea are two interconnected reservoirs for the project. The main reservoir called the Kuttiady reservoir is formed by Kakkayam dam constructed across the Kuttiady river.
Catchment Area 39 Sq. Km.
Average Rainfall 4570 mm
Full Reservoir Level (FRL)   757.72m (Above MSL)
Minimum Drawdown level (MDDL)   737.62m (Above MSL)
Effective Storage at FRL   34 MCM
Energy Equivalent at FRL   50.32 MU
Average head at power house   747 m
The augmentation reservoir called the Thariode reservoir is formed by the Thariode dam, also called the Banasurasagar dam. The dam was commissioned in 2005. The inter connecting tunnel has a length of 4.678 km.
Water spread area 12.77 Sq. km
Catchment Area 61.44 Sq. Km.
Average Rainfall 6247 mm
Full Reservoir Level (FRL)   775.6m (Above MSL)
Minimum Drawdown level (MDDL)   754.86m (Above MSL)
Effective Storage at FRL   209 MCM
Energy Equivalent at FRL   309.17 MU
Location of the powerhouse .
Place Kakkayam            
Village Chakkittapara            
Taluk Koyilandy            
District Kozhikode            
With an installed capacity of 75 MW (3 x 25MW) the Kuttiady Power Station was commissioned on 30.09.1972. The main macinery for the project are of M/s FUJI Electric Co. Ltd. Japan. Vertical Pelton turbine is used in the station. The firm annual generation capability of Kuttiyadi old power station is 268 MU The date of commissioning of the units are as below.
Unit Rating Date of Commssioning
U # 1 25 MW 11.09.1972
U # 2 25 MW 01.11.1972
U # 3 25 MW 28.11.1972
Installed Capacity   75 MW
Annual generation potential 268 MU
Prime mover     Vertical Pelton turbine      
An additional 50 MW unit was installed as part of this scheme near to the old powerhouse, to avoid spillage and loss of generation potential from the reservoir during heavy monsoon. The firm annual generation capablity of the unit is 75 MU . The machine (named as Unit #4) is of GE Canada make and was commissioned on 27.01.2001. This unit also uses verical pelton turbine.
Unit Rating Date of Commssioning
U # 1 50 MW 27-1-2001
Installed Capacity   50 MW
Annual generation potential 75MU
Prime mover     vertical pelton turbine      
The 100 MW (2 x 50 MW) Kuttiady Additional Extension Scheme was formed by construction of a new powerhouse building adjascent to the Kuttiady Extension Scheme. The project was envisaged as solution to the spill and consequent energy loss during intense monsoon . The firm annual generation capablity of KAES is 223 MU. A penstock of approximately 2 km length and a tunnel of 686m was additionally constructed for this scheme. The first unit was commissioned on 11.10.2010 and second unit on 30.10.2010, raising the installed capacity of the project to 225 MW. The project was executed by BHEL - L&T Consortium. The machines uses vertical pelton turbine.
Unit Rating Date of Commssioning
U # 1 50 MW 10/11/2010
U # 2 50 MW 30-10-2010
Installed Capacity   100 MW
Annual generation potential 223 MU
Prime mover     vertical pelton turbine      
Power evacuation: The Power generated in these stations are evacuated through four 110 kV feeders.
Generation in Mu for the last six years from KHEP + KES+ KAES
Year 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Generation in Mu 634.52 558.67 766.01 501.23 842.09 738.316      
The 3.75 MW (3 x 1.25 MW) Kuttiady Tailrace Project uses the water discharge from the old Kuttiady and Kuttiady Extension Scheme. The discharge from the Tailrace scheme is flowing to the same stream and endup in the Kuttiady Irrigation Dam( Peruvannamoozh) owned by Irrigation Department . The machines are of Boving Fouress make and have horizontal Kaplan turbine as the prime mover . The annual generation capablity of the project is 14 MU
Date of Commissioning of units
Unit Rating Date of Commssioning
U # 1 1.25 MW 19.06.2008
U # 2 1.25 MW 22.06.2008
U # 3 1.25 MW 23.10.2009
Installed Capacity   3.75 MW
Annual generation potential 15 MU
Prime mover     horizontal Kaplan Turbine    
Power evacuation : The power generated at KTR is at 3.3 kV and stepped upto 11 kV and fed to the Swict yard of Kuttiyadi Power house .
Generation in Mu for the last Five years from Kuttiyadi Tail Race Scheme
Year 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15
Genearion in Mu 4.61 4.34 8.56 7.87 7.86 7.92      
The 3 MW (2 x 1.5 MW) Kuttiady Small hydro electric project is under construction now. The intention is to utilise the tail water of the 2 x 50 MW Kuttiady Additional Extension Scheme for power generation.