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Legal Wing

Name of Office

Office of the Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry officer


Purpose of Office

This office is responsible for all the legal matters related to the Board. The main purpose of this is to render advice to the Board on legal matters viz: Board's cases, contracts, conduct of adalaths, etc. The Office also functions as the Disciplinary Authority and conducts enquiries as per the order of the Chairman & Managing Director.

Staff pattern

Sl. No.


Sanctioned strength


Legal Adviser and disciplinary Enquiry Officer



Sr. Confidential Asst.



Senior Law Officer



Law Officer



Asst. Accounts Officer



Sr. Supdtss/Asst. Law Officer



Sr. Legal Asst./Sr. Asst.


Specific duties of each category of employees in the above office.


Duties & Functions


Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry Officer

Deputed from judicial service of Kerala State, in the rank of an Additional District & Sessions Judge.

Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry Officer is the head of the office. The officer guides the Section and the Board in legal matters. The disciplinary cases are handled by the Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry Officer as per the order of the Chairman & Managing Director. Advice on legal matters are presented to the Board by the Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry Officer.


Senior Confidential Asst.

  • Confidential and other related files as Entrusted by LA & DEO.

  • Take dictation for notes, letters, etc., and related typing works.

  • Receiving tappals, e-mails, recording the same and putting up it before LA & DEO and transmits them to Section under acknowledgement.

  • Prepares minutes of the meetings convened by LA & DEO.

  • Attends disciplinary enquiries and make fair copies of reports.

  • Custody and maintenance of personal files of LA & DEO.

  • Make fair copies of legal opinion rendered by Legal Adviser and Disciplinary Enquiry Officer.


Senior Law Officer

Joint Secretary (Law), on deputation from Govt. Secretariat.

  • All the files related to service matters.

  • Holds the charges of LA & DEO in his absence.

  • Attends tax related files.

  • The SLO monitors and attends to cases filed directly before the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala in the matters of contract, line drawal objection, tariff related cases, theft of power, service matters, etc.,

  • Cases before Lok Ayuktha.

  • Approval of W.S etc., of cases before Consumer fora, LAR cases Lower Court Cases, Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum, Ombudsman, PLA Cases,etc.,


Law Officer I

  • All the Communications related to the cases in lower Courts and various fora

  • Verification of SFs, W/s. Etc. of Lower Courts prepared by SAs Arranges for the conduct of adalaths.

  • Advocate fee of Lower Courts & fora.

  • Monitors the progress in the recording the Suit Registers.

  • Helps the LA & DEO in deciding the course of action to be adopted by the Board in Court cases (Lower).

  • Law Officer I is also the Appellate Authority of Right to Information Act in the law section.


Law Officer II

(Deputy Secretary (Law) in Govt. Secretariat on deputation

  • Attends to the files related to tax matters Service Tax, Excice Duty cases etc.,

  • The sanctioning of Advocate fee of Counsels in the High Court & Supreme Court.

  • Assisting the LA & DEO in rendering legal opinion.

  • Verification of Bid documents Agreement, etc.,

  • Cases before Dist. Labour Officer.

    (Approval of Sfs etcs)


Asst. Accounts Officer

  • The Asst. Accounts Officer is also the Public Information Officer of the Law Section.

  • He monitors all the cases pending before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

  • Assists the work of Law Officer II in the files of advocate fee.

  • Assistant Public Information officer of the O/o the Chief Public Relation Officer.


Sr. Superintendents/Asst. Law Officers


The Senior Superintendents in law section having law graduation are designated as Asst. Law Officer.

  • Supervises all the works of the Senior Assistants.

  • Attends to the supervisory works of written statements, versions, statement of facts etc.

  • Supervises the updation of Suit Registers.

  • Entrusting of cases in various courts/fora with the Counsels of Board.

  • Brings the outcome of cases to the notice of the Board Liaison with Nodal officers and monitor progress of cases. Formulating Legal opinion for submitting before the LA & DEO.


Senior Assistants/ Senior Legal Assistants.

Senior Assistants working in Law Section having law degree are re-designated as Senior Legal Assistant

  • Origination of file consequent on the filing of a petition/suit/complaint before a court/forum/authority against or by the KSEB Ltd.

  • Preparing statement of facts/ written statement/version etc.

  • Updation of case register.

  • Follow up and monitoring of pending cases properly.

  • Obtain and put up orders/ decisions/ Judgments for compliance /appeal and in form the officers concerned

  • Liaison with Nodal Officers, Advocates, concerned in the follow up of cases.

  • Preparation and maintenance of Personal Register relating the matters other that court/Fora Cases.