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Training Calendar for KSEB Officials for the year 2020-21


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Procedure for Industrial Training at KSEB Ltd

1. Industrial Training & Project work as part of the curriculum is being permitted to the students at KSEBL from various Educational Institutions subject to some conditions.

The Chief Engineer - HRM is the sanctioning authority for imparting Project/Industrial training in KSEBL and the permission should be given subject to the conditions indicated below.

(a) A request letter from the Head of the Institution is required.
(b) Industrial/Inplant training at the Generating Stations/Substations/TMR Divisions of KSEBL except at Moolamattom Power Station and Load Dispatch Centre, Kalamassery is limited to ITI/Polytechnic/Graduate Engineering students of 3rd year/final year.
(c) The number of students in a batch shall be limited to maximum of 5 at a time in the Generating Stations/Substations and 10 in the TMR Divisions and permission shall be limited to only one batch at a time.
(d) Permission shall be granted for a maximum of 5 working days only.
(e) Student should remit the fee as per the existing fee structure detailed below

(i) Training for M.Tech students: Rs. 1500/- per student.
(ii) Training for B.Tech students: Rs.1000/- per student.
(iii) Training for Diploma students: Rs. 500/- per student.
(iv) Training for ITI Students: Rs. 250/- per student.
(f) The fee should be remitted in the cash section, O/o the Chief Engineer (HRM) under the instructions of Executive Engineer (HRD Cell).
(g) Permission letter should be obtained from the HRD Cell, (3rdFloor) Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram, under the control of Chief Engineer - HRM.
(h) Requests for Industrial training scheduled within a period of 45 days alone should be considered.
(i) Schedule once allotted will not be changed other than due to unavoidable circumstances and will be considered within the period of sanction only.
(j) No other facility of KSEBL shall be available for use by the students permitted for training in KSE Board.

2. Project work at KSEBL – Procedures.

(a) In the case of Project, topics should be relevant to KSE Board /it should be KSEB related topics. Permission shall be given at the Generating Stations/Substations/TMR Divisions/other offices of KSEBL except at Moolamattom Power Station and Load Dispatch Centre, Kalamassery and it shall be limited to Engineering College students.
(b) Project work/Organizational study shall be allowed to the final year BBA/MBA students.
(c) The number of students shall be limited to a maximum of 5 in a batch.
(d) The students shall be given permission for a maximum of 3 months only.
(e) Authorised officers and staff members shall be permitted to guide the students, but restricted to guide only one batch at a time. Their role as guide shall be without detriment to their normal official duties and functions.
(f) Consent letter from the officer who will be guiding the project work should be obtained.
(g) A fee of Rs.1000/- per student shall be levied for the project work. The required fee shall be remitted in the cash section of the Chief Engineer (HRM), Vydyuthi Bhavanam, Thiruvananthapuram.
(h) Requests for carrying out Project Work scheduled within a period of 3 months alone should be considered.
(i) Students shall produce their ID cards whenever required.
(j) Students shall submit a copy of the project report to the HRD Cell for keeping in the Library for reference.
(k) The staff of KSEBL is exempted from remitting the required fee.

3. Apprenticeship training in KSEBL

Two types of apprenticeship trainings are being given to the students at KSEBL – paid apprenticeship and un paid apprenticeship

As per the Apprenticeship Act, 1961, rate of stipend payable to Graduate Technician apprentices for one year training is detailed below.
(a) Graduate/Apprentices - Rs.4984/- per month
(b) Technician Apprentices - Rs.3542/- per month


Students on completing the course, obtained registration number from the Supervisory Development Centre, NAD Road, Kalamassery (Tel.No. 0484-2556530) Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Those who have obtained registration number can participate in the walk-in-interview scheduled by the Board of Apprenticeship, Chennai in co-ordination with Supervisory Development Centre, Kalamassery at various venues. (Notification will be published in the most circulated dailies).

Unpaid apprenticeship training is being given to the students for 6 months only. For joining as unpaid apprentice in KSEBL, the students should produce the following details

(a) Student’s request
(b) Self attested copy of the qualification certificate/provisional certificate
(c) Self attested copy of photo identity card (Voters id, Driving license, etc.)

Apart from the above students should execute an Indemnity Bond on stamp paper worth Rs.200/- during the training period.

4. Our employees are deputed for training in various reputed institutions like ESCI, CPRI, CIRE, NPTI, NTPC, etc for expertise and for knowledge upgradation. Month wise schedule for the selected programmes are being published in the official website.