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Hydel Tourism

HEAD QUARTERS -Vydyuthi Bhavan (4th floor), Thiruvananthapuram

Website : www.keralahydeltourism.com


DIRECTOR  NARENDRA NATH  VELURI IFS                                  Contact No. -

 KHTC Director CEO ANERT Narendra Nath Veluri IFS

REGIONAL MANAGER - HARISH. G L                                                           9447110570

OFFICE - Vydyuthi Bhavan (4th floor), Thiruvananthapuram  (0471) 2553640  (0471)12514209

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Kerala Hydel Tourism Centre (KHTC), a unit of Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd, was registered during the year 1999 with Registration No: T1911, with Headquarters at Vydyuthi Bhavan, Thiruvananthapuram. The main objective of the centre is to facilitate the effective utilization of water based tourism potential in the natural surroundings of hydel projects areas of the state as well as preserve the ecology of the area.

As part of promoting tourism and effective utilization of the water body maintained and operated by KSE Board Ltd in remote areas, KHTC has started its operations in Munnar as early as 1999 & Wayanad during late 2000, thereby bringing socio-economic benefits to the remote areas of the State. KHTC owns and operates boats of various types around water bodies in possession of KSE Board Ltd in and around Idukki/Wayanad/Kozhikode/Thrissur as part of promotion of tourism industry in the State. KHTC is expanding its operations to areas in around major water bodies maintained by KSE Board Ltd not limiting its activities to only boating.

KHTC at present operates following facilities in Idukki district

o Lower Meenmutty, Thiruvananthapuram (0471 2553640)

o Hydel Park – Munnar   (04865 296556/ 9496011814)

o Madupetty Dam - Munnar SE   (04865 296556/ 9496011814)

o Echo-Point - Munnar      (04865 296556/ 9496011814)

o Kundala Dam - Munnar   (04865 296556/ 9496011814)

o Anayirankal Dam - Munnar  (04865 296556/ 9496011814)

o Ponmudi Dam - Munnar (04865 296556/ 9496011814)

o Idukki dam & Nadukani Pavalion  (0486 2236277/ 9447876932)

 (Vazhathope Limited to Public Holidays/Saturdays/Sundays)

Festival Season-Onam & Christmas - One Month

o Adyanpara Cream Cascade (Malappuram)    (9496011944)

o Banasura Sagar (Wayand) - (04936 273460/ 9847853098)

o Malabar Haven - Kakkayam (Kozhikode) - (0496 2658777/ 9496003772)


KHTC operations in other Districts

Thrissur- Chalakudy – Poringalkuthu Boating Centre
Kozhikode- Kakkayam- Kakkayam Boating Centre
Wayanad- Thariode- Pandijarathara-Banasurasagar Boating Centre

Activities at various centres

Hydel Park – Munnar - Park ..... Entry ticket / Parking fees;

Night facility for conducting CAMPFIRE TWO SLOTS- 7 PM to 8 PM & 8PM to 9PM @ Rs 2000 per SLOT inclusive of fire wood

Madupetty Dam - Munnar - Entry fee/parking fee /Buggy Ride

Park /Food Court/ Speed Boat ( 5 pax)/Pontoon Boat ( 20 pax)

Echo-Point - Munnar - Entry fee / Pedal Boat

Kundala Dam - Munnar - Pedal Boat/Row Boat

Anayirankal Dam - Munnar - Entry fee/Parking fee/ Speed Boat/ Pontoon Boat/Food Court

Sengulam Dam - Munnar - Speed Boat/Pontoon Boat/Pedal Boat

Idukki dam - Vazhathope Limited to Public Holidays/Saturdays/Sundays- Entry Fee/Buggy Ride

Festival Season-Onam & Christmas - One Month - Speed Boat

KHTC operations in other Districts

Thrissur- Chalakudy – Poringalkuthu Boating Centre- Entry fee/parking fee/Speed Boats

Kozhikode- Kakkayam- Kakkayam Boating Centre- Entry fee /Parking fee/Speed Boats

Wayanad- Thariode- Pandijarathara-Banasurasagar Boating Centre- Entry fee/parking fee/Buggy ride/Speed Boat/Pontoon Boat

WORKING ON ALL DAYS from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM LUNCH BREAK 1.00pm to 2.00 pm