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Ownership Change

In case of transfer of rights or ownership of property, consumers are advised to transfer the ownership of the electric connection to new owner, in order to safeguard their interests. An application regarding a service connection e.g. revising connected load, phase conversion, tariff change, billing disputes etc. will normally be processed only if the registered consumer is the applicant. It may be borne in mind that registered consumer will be held responsible for the omissions and commissions by the transferee.

Application for registering change of ownership shall be preferred in Service Connection Application Form, after clearing entire arrears of electricity charges with up-to-date surcharge, interest etc.
Applicant has to remit Application Fee of Rs 10/- and processing fee of Rs 100/-. Applicant needs to produce:
Consent from the previous owner for transferring ownership of the service connection along with the security deposit, to the new owner.
If the applicant is unable to produce consent, he shall execute a bond in non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs 200/- agreeing to indemnify the Board from any loss, damage and cost of litigation, which the Board might incur on account of transferring the ownership and an undertaking to the effect that he shall remit the amount of security deposit at the time of transfer of ownership along with interest accrued on the same thereafter, if the previous consumer raise a claim on the security deposit at a later date.
New ownership certificate issued by local self-government authorities.
Service Connection agreement (LT consumers need only affix court fee stamp worth Rs 200/- in the service connection application form, other consumers has to execute agreement in Kerala non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs 200/-).
New completion report, if there is change of connected load.
The adequacy of security will be reviewed and new consumer may have to make good shortfall, if any.